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Aluminium Shredder Plant

The Refurbished Diesel Driven Aluminium Shredder Plant is now sold at Just-Recycling / www.just-recycling.com
USED 400Hp Diesel Driven Aluminium Shredder Plant

SOLD - 400Hp Diesel Driven Aluminium Shredder Plant - SOLD

Machine No 1319

The 400Hp diesel driven aluminium shredder plant was delivered as a fully refurbished line January 2013, can be seen working and is available immediately ex site UK complete with warranty.

Ideal for shredding scrap, waste redundant and new off cuts of aluminium, the refurbished aluminium shredder plant is in very good condition and any inspection is welcome.

The low speed high torque twin shaft shredder has a large 1.7m x 800mm approximately throat which allows large bulky charges of scrap and waste aluminium to be loaded for cost effective shredding.

The refurbished 400Hp diesel driven aluminium shredder plant consists of the following equipment:- 

Control panel
400Hp diesel drive power pack (Iveco)
Raptor R17 contra rotating shredder  throat size 1.7m x 800mm approx.
Vibrating conveyor 4.2m long x 1m wide complete with integral sizing deck and overband magnet

The refurbished aluminium shredder plant has a throughput capability of circa 2 tons per hour and produces a nominal p
roduct size of circa 150mm - 125mm of shredded aluminium material.

Aluminium Shredder Plant 400Hp Diesel Driven System
Technical Data & Specifications -

2 off Hagglunds Drive Shaft Motors

2 off Hagglunds Torque Arms

Aluminium shredder plant diesel drive power unit detail -

Iveco FPT-C13ENTX20.00 409Hp/305kW @ 1600 rpm diesel engine complete with engine electrics

Closed loop axial piston pumps, a 700 ltr oil tank complete with return filters, drain filter, air breather, level and temperature instrumentation, sight glass, drain and suction point, valve with limit switch, reservoir filler point and heater.

Additional instrumentation is the boost pressure gauge and pressure switch and the system pressure gauge and pressure switch.

An air oil cooler is included with the shredder plant, suitable for the UK climate.

Hydraulic hoses for the aluminium shredder plant are based on a 10m run.

Price of the 400Hp diesel driven aluminium shredder plant : PRICE ON APPLICATION

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