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BALCAN Lamps Crusher

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Address: Staffordshire
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BALCAN Lamps Crusher

Item Ref: JR/15861


We have for sale a Balcan Lamps Crusher for use in suitable vans.

The Balcan Lamps Crusher is supplied complete with a pair of special mounting rails to allow the crusher to be mounted firmly on the floor of vans and to be slid out from the back and supported by the rails whilst in operation.


The Dry Filter Unit is supplied with the Balcan Lamps Crusher to be more compact so it takes up the minimum of room when mounted on the wall of the van.


110/120V volts supply and only requires an electricity supply of 300 watts.


The special Filter Unit is provided with the Balcan Lamps Crusher to replace the original water spray which was originally used to prevent the escape of mercury bearing dust and mercury vapour generated during the crushing operation. This filter ensures the Balcan Lamps Crusher operates at negative pressure and allows lamps to be crushed in a dry state so that the resultant debris is suitable for processing by recycling.


Phosphor powder & mercury vapours are drawn through a 5 micron filter bag for the collection of the coarse dust and whilst the mercury vapour passes through, it is then removed and cleaned by activated carbon so it can be exhausted to atmosphere.


The Balcan Lamps Crusher bags will fill with powder after processing 10-15,000 lamps and are easily replaced.


The activated carbon should last 1-2 years depending upon the type and sizes of lamps crushed.

Asking Price of the Balcan Lamps Crusher: POA

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