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Buffalo Tyre Wire Baler

New Buffalo Tyre Wire Baling Baler On Just-Recycling Online at

Buffalo Tyre Wire Baler:

Item No: 931/TW

The new Buffalo automatic tyre wire baling baler are offered as a 

new machines delivered to site UK with 12 months warranty.

Designed for ease of use the new Buffalo automatic tyre wire 

baling baler are the ideal budget machine for baling clean tire wire.

The Buffalo automatic tyre wire baling baler produce dense 

200mm x 200mm x V bales at a rate of 50 bales per hour with 

ideally pre weighed charges of circa 15Kg of material per bale 

 giving a throughput of approximately 750Kgs/p/hour.

The Buffalo automatic tyre wire baling baler are electric drive and 

need only a flat level foundation for a simple and cost effective installation.

With a lid force of 55 tons, main pressing force of 125 tons and a 

final compression force of 125 tons ensures the Buffalo 

automatic tyre wire baling baler produce nice bales 

from clean tire wire residue.


Buffalo Automatic Tyre Wire Baler - 

Item No: 931/TB

Model: Buffalo tyre wire baler

Motor: 45Kw (60Hp) 380V 3 phase, 50 Hz supply

Oil tank capacity: 1,400 litres approx.

Pressing Force:

Working pressure: 250 Bar

Lid: 55 tons

Pusher: 125 tons

Final: 125 tons

Bale size: 200mm x 200mm x V.

Bale density: 1800 kg/m³

Machine Dimensions:

Length: 6m (including pre load hopper)

Width: 4m 

Height: 2,200mm (Lid open)

Weight: 12,000 Kg approximately

Feed Stock: tyre wire / ferrous / non ferrous

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