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The New ELV CAT CUTTER For Sale At Just-Recycling Online At www.just-recycling.com

Machine No: 1910

The Just-Recycling ELV CAT cutter provides a cost effective and safe way to remove CAT’s (Catalytic Converters) from ELV’s. 
The ELV CAT cutter is simple and safe to use under the vehicle even while fuel is being extracted.

The guillotine motion of the ELV CAT cutter requires only a simple toughened blade, with no additional moving parts to wear during the cutting process. 
The benefit is vastly reduced maintenance cost compared with the more traditional rescue type cutting tools.

At 10kg the ELV CAT cutter cutting head is light enough to be manhandled by one operative whilst being extremely robust, and the design requires two handed operation to ensure the operative's safety.  The ELV CAT cutter runs off a normal workshop air supply.

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