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Home & Office Recycling Equipment

As society changes so do our habits, and as far as recycling in the home and office is concerned the last 10 years have seen some incredible changes.  Once upon a time we never gave a thought to what we were throwing away; this is definitely not the case now. Home and office recycling is crucial, for security reasons and for cost saving as many local authorities continue to change the way they collect waste.

Identity fraud risks mean that some homes have invested in a document and media data shredder, but many still do not have access to even a basic paper shredder, and we are aiming to help with that.

Home office numbers have increased too.  Any home based worker needs to protect their own data and by law that of their customers, and needs to invest in an office document and media data shredder appropriate to their data security level obligations.

Just-Recycling has been working with shredders and recycling equipment of all types for many years, and we are now aiming to assist homeowners and small business and office owners with choosing a suitable shredder and other similar equipment for your specific needs.  We hope that our home / office document and data shredder buying guide is a useful tool. We look at which shredder best suits which application in the home and office, looking at shredder security levels, shredder efficiency, ease of use and value for money.  Contact us if you have home or office document / data media shredder and document recycling questions we can help with.

For all enquiries relating to a home or office document and data shredder please email Just-Recycling here - enquiries@just-recycling.com

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