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JRB500 Heavy Duty Vertical Mill Size Waste Baler

JRB500 Heavy Duty Vertical Mill Size Waste Baler is for sale and available at Just-Recycling
JRB500 Heavy Duty Vertical Mill SIze Waste Baler

Machine No 1069

The new JRB500 heavy duty vertical waste baler is a substantially built cost effective mill size baler and is available ex works UK.

Designed for small and medium sized operators the JRB500 heavy duty vertical mill size waste baler is ideal for paper, cardboard, plastic bumpers, and car tyres.

Producing a dense 640Kg bale from scrap and waste tyres, the JRB500 vertical heavy duty mill size waste baler has a sensible 40 seconds operating cycle and a 11Kw 3 phase motor.

JRB500 Heavy Duty Vertical Waste Baler Specifications -

Model: JRB500 vertical heavy duty waste baler
Motor: 11Kw 3 phase 32 amp
Bale size: 1,2m x 1,5m x 769mm
Bale Weight: Up to 650Kg on waste car tyres
Cycle Time: 40 seconds
Noise: 74 d(B)A. as per 1990 noise regulation requirements

Baler Dimensions -
Working Height: 3,5m
Transport Height: 2,55m
Width: 2,10m
Depth: 1,2m
Weight: Circa 1,930Kg

JRB500 Heavy Duty Vertical Waste Baler Feed Stock -

Paper    Cardboard   Plastics    Car Tyres    Plastic Bumpers

Price of the JRB500 Heavy Duty Vertical Waste Baler : PRICE ON APPLICATION

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