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JR/DTX 200 Alligator Shear

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Item No: 2292

The JR DTX200 alligator shearing shears are new British Deltax built machines ideal for cropping cutting shearing and cleaning of ferrous and non ferrous materials and are available ex works UK.

Our JR DTX200 bench mounted Deltax alligator shears are available for cutting cropping and shearing with either a single or a three phase electric drive motor and have a 203mm long shearing blade with 40 tonnes of shearing, cutting, cropping and material cleaning force.

The JR DTX200 Deltax alligator shears have 4 sided reversible shearing serrated blades, foot pedal control for single or automatic cutting cropping & shearing strokes and come complete with a jolly nice service tool kit.


Item No: 2292 DATA:

Blade Length:         203mm

Cutting Force:         40 tons

Motor: 2.2 Kw single phase /  3 phase 4 Kw

Cut Capacity: 25mm mild steel rounds

JR DTX200 DELTAX Alligator Shear Dimensions:

Length 952mm

Width 596mm

Height 670mm

Weight 265Kg

JR DTX200 Cleaning Cropping Shearing and cutting DELTAX Alligator Shear Features: 

Adjustable Mechanical Hold Down Clamp

Adjustable Jaw Opening

Safety Guard

Foot Pedal Control

Tool Kit Included

For further information on the new JR DTX200 alligator shearing shears advertised for sale on Just-Recycling online or to view the new JR DTX200 alligator shears advertised for sale on Just-Recycling online email us at the following address or complete the short form below:


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