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M8 Cable Stripper

M8 Cable Stripper at Just-Recycling

JR M8 cable Stripper: 

Item No: 2405

The new JR M8 cable strippers turn scrap and waste electric cable into a profitable clean copper, aluminium, lead and plastics revenue stream.

The new JR M8 cable strippers have an interchangeable input bushing system to allow the various sizes of cables the M8 can  strip within its range of 140mm to 200mm outer cable diameters.

Together with the interchangeable bushing system the M8 S cable stripping machine has a single finely adjustable robust cutting blade to efficiently strip waste redundant and scrap electric cable sheathings.

The new JR M8 cable strippers weigh in at a substantial 5,300Kg and are simple, safe and productive in use and are ideal for electric cable recyclers, electric cable production workshops and electric cable installation site workers and demolition contractors

JR M8 Cable Stripper Data:

Motor: 3 phase 22Kw

Cutting Capacity: 140mm to 200mm diameter cables

Cutting Speed: up to 40m/p/m

JR M8 Cable Stripper Dimensions:

Length: 2m

Width: 2,025mm

Height: 2,250mm

Weight: 5,300Kg

JR M8 Cable Stripper Feed Stock Include Cables with Insulators of -




Rubber and Butyl

Lead Armoured

Steel Wire Armoured (SWA)

JR M8 Cable Stripper Features:

Simple Knife Adjustment

Interchangeable Input Bushes

Easy Adjustment of Cable Feed Rollers

Safe and Simple Operation

Easy Maintenance

Little Down Time

Fully Locked Guard System

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