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Maxi ELV Depollution System

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Item No: 2338


Designed for high volume scrap car ELV unwanted motor vehicle

Depollution processing our Maxi Depollution system comes

complete with all car and vehicle fluid extraction equipment in 

one heavy duty floor sited Depollution unit.

Complete with fuel storage tanks, 3.2T hydraulic ELV scrap car

and unwanted scrap vehicles lift our Maxi Depollution system

will comfortably allow circa 30 scrap car ELV unwanted vehicles

to be depolluted per day with a one man depollution operation.

Simple to use and safe in operation our scrap car ELV unwanted

passenger vehicle Maxi Depollution equipment is the number

one system for high volume scrap car ELV unwanted motor and

passenger vehicle Depollution processing.

Our Maxi depollution equipment requires 30 CFM of clean dry

air at 7 bar pressure per Maxi depollution bay to effectively 

depollute scrap car ELV and unwanted motor and

passenger vehicles.


Item No: 2338 Extent of supply:

1 x Maxi system floor sited vehicle fluid removal 

unit for Petrol - Diesel Oil & Water based 

fluids complete with petrol & diesel re-use 

filtration units.

1 x Scissor lift vehicle support rated at 3200kg 

complete with vehicle loading frame.

1 995Lt petrol storage tank

1 Diesel tank 1300 L with electric pump and dispensing nozzle

1 Contaminated fuel tank 995L 

1 Engine Oil tank 2500L

1 Hydraulic oil tank 1300L

1 Coolant water & Screen wash  tank 2500 L

2 Fuel filters capable of removing particles down to 5 microns to

        ensure all reusable fuels are good and clean.

* Petrol and dirty fuel tanks are of steel construction all others are of plastic

Alternative sizes and constructions available on request.

Connecting pipe work is in galvanised steel or optional flexible piping system 

 is available at a reduced cost.


Item No: 2338

OPTIONAL Veihcle Depollution EQUIPMENT:

7Kw air compressor for 1 bay + dryer

11Kw air compressor for 2 bays + dryer

Red and White diesel facility includes 

selector, piping, fuel filter & additional 

1300 tank and dispensing pump

Air-conditioning draining system

CAT cutter

Air bag deployment unit

Shock absorber draining unit

Solid state air line drying unit

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