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New REINBOLD RHZ-S Shredder Range

The new Reinbold RHZ-S range of Strip Shredders are for sale at Just-Recycling online at www.just-recycling.com
REINBOLD RHZ-S Shredder Range

Machine No 1687

The new Reinbold RHZ-S shredders are designed to shred both long and short timber and man made board off cut strips and battens.

Complete with triple in feed roller systems the Reinbold RHZ-S shredder range is robustly built, simple to use and very easy to service.

With 5 models to choose from and with optional screen and motor sizes, the Reinbold RHZ-S strip and batten shredder range / shredding machines can be fine tuned to suit your material processing needs.

Complete with in feed control to prevent overload and jamming, the RHZ-S strip and batten shredder machines are designed for continuous production with the minimum human intervention.

Special in feed tables provide for a better material supply and for simple loading of each shredder, making the Reinbold RHZ-S strip and batten shredder range of machines i
deal for shredding up long and short off cuts strips and battens in wood, man made boards,timber and plastic waste & packaging strips.

Models within the RHZ-S shredder range are -

Reinbold RHZ400-S
Reinbold RHZ800-S
Reinbold RHZ1000-S
Reinbold RHZ13000-S

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