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Reinbold RB200 Briquetter / Briquette Press

The new Reinbold RB200 Briquetter / briquette press is available from Just-Recycling / www.just-recycling.com
Reinbold RB200 Briquetter / Briquette Press

Machine No 1196

The Reinbold RB briquette presses are technically advanced and equipped with extra features offering numerous configurations making them suitable for processing a broad array of briquettable recyclable materials.

The Reinbold RB200 briquetter is Reinbold’s seventh level briquette machine and is robust in design, reliable, operator-friendly, easy to maintain and with low operation costs has a wide range of applications.

The Reinbold RB200 briquetter / briquette press not only has compact dimensions, but it is also a reliable workhorse and can be used as a stand alone unit or integrated into a working recycling or manufacturing facility. 

Ideal applications for the Reinbold RB200 briquetter / briquette press are mid-sized and larger companies concerned with optimizing the cost/benefit ratio of waste arisings, reducing storage space, transport costs or to produce a high calorific value fuel source for own use or as an additional revenue stream.

Producing an 80mm diameter briquette at a rate of 140 - 200 Kg’s per hour (material depending) the Reinbold RB200 briquetter / briquette press has an economical 11 Kw motor and weighs in at 1,250Kgs for the standard briquetter or 1,450Kgs for the Reinbold RB200 Plus briquette press.

Reinbold RB200 Briquetter / Briquette Press
Specifications -

Standard Reinbold RB200 Briquetter -

Motor: 11 Kw
Throughput: 140 - 200 Kg’s per hour
Diameter: 80mm
Oil quantity: 250 Ltrs
Hopper size: 1.4m x 1.4m x 920mm

Reinbold RB200 Briquetter Machine Dimensions -

Width: 1,965mm
Length: 2,830mm
Height: 1,430mm
Weight: 1,250 Kg

Optional Reinbold RB200 Plus Briquetter -

Reinbold RB200 Plus Briquetter hopper size: 2m x 2m x 920mm
Reinbold RB200 Plus Briquetter weight: 1,450 Kg

* Throughput is material dependent / maximum material moisture should not exceed 18 % and machine specifications can change without prior notice !

Price of the Reinbold RB200 Briquetter / Briquette Press  : PRICE ON APPLICATION

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