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Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredder range

Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredder range available and for sale at Just-Recycling
Reinbold RMZ 4 Shaft Shredder Range


The Reinbold RMZ range of 4 shaft shredder machines is a new range of equipment we at Just-Recycling are proud to offer.

Reinbold have an enviable reputation within the timber processing and manufacturing industry and we are sure their excellent build quality and cost effective pricing will endear these RMZ 4 shaft shredders to the general recycling industry.

The Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredder range comes complete with in feed hopper, control panel and steel support structure.

The Reinbold RMZ Shredder four blade shafts operate separately and independently of each other in the event of overload, ensuring that a Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredder is not only robust but also a reliable material reduction machine.

The Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredders are ideal for large bulky stock which needs to be quickly reduced in volume, such as timber, paper, plastics, rubber, light ferrous and light non ferrous metals. 

The machines are simple to use and safe and quiet in operation.

Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredder specification -

Model              Motor                    Hopper                 Rotor         Rotor
No:                  & Kw                    Opening mm          Diameter   Opening mm

RMZ 500       2 x 7.5/11             1250 x 1000 mm       235 mm    562 x 462

RMZ 500S     2 x 18,5                 1000 x 1400 mm       280 mm    700 x 462         

RMZ 700S     2 x 15/18.5/22       1300 x 1400 mm       280 mm    700 x 760      

RMZ 1000     2 x 15/18.5/22/30  1400 x 1500 mm      280 mm   1000 x 680

The Reinbold RMZ 4 shaft shredder machines are offered for sale as new shredders ex works Germany with 12 months’ warranty.

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