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ELV Air Bag Deployment Unit

The new Our Air bag deployment unit (ADU) comes complete with all the equipment necessary to deploy air bags and seat belt tensioners in vehicles with an electronic based deployment system.

ELV Air Conditioning Fluid Extraction Unit

The Just-Recycling ELV air conditioning fluid extraction unit has a robust plastic carrying case and comes with high and low pressure connecting pipes.

The unit is simple to use, connects directly onto the low pressure take off point on the vehicle and  requires a standard 240v single phase electrical supply.

ELV CAT Cutter

The Just-Recycling ELV CAT cutter provides a cost effective and safe way to remove CAT’s (Catalytic Converters) from ELV’s.

ELV Depollution MAXI System

Designed for high volume vehicle Depollution processing our Maxi Depollution system comes complete with all fluid extraction equipment in one heavy duty floor sited unit.

ELV Depollution MIDI System

Simple to use and safe in operation our Midi Depollution system is the number one system for medium volume ELV processing.

ELV Depollution Starter Pack

Rated 5 out of 5
Robust, easy and safe in use the JR ELV De-Pollution station starter pack - quality fluid extraction that’s not a big draining on your finances !

ELV Fuel Drainage Equipment

Our new ELV fuel tank punch and wall mounted fuel diverter allow petrol, diesel and contaminated ELV fuels to be removed and evacuated directly to storage simply, safely and very cost effectively.

ELV Shock Absorber Draining Unit

The ELV Shock Absorber Draining Unit provides a quick, simple and safe system for draining ELV shock absorbers.

The Shock Absorber Draining Unit integrates a hydraulic tool which punctures the shock absorbers and drains the majority of the fluid.